The Collective Share What Lies Ahead in 2023 - "The Year of Connection and Collaboration"
The Collective's 2023 Energetic Logo!


It's that exciting time again when The Collective take their annual look at What Lies Ahead in the New Year!  They have named 2023 "The Year of Connection and Collaboration" -  and they are about to reveal what that means for the year and in your life.


In this special channeled live  talk The Collective will share what The Year of Connection and Collaboration will  look like, what types of "connecting" and "collaborating" will show up in the world and your life, what exciting things we will see in the coming months  and what you can expect in your experience.  You will learn how to optimize and tap into the Energy flows in 2023 for your powerful creating. You will get to see how 2023 can serve and support you and how you can maximize it's energy for your best experiences  and results.   The Collective will also share about their special 2023 Energetic Logo (designed by Source, brought into form by Amy) for 2023 and how to use the  Energetic Logo for manifestation and creation.


Always joy-filled, The Collective's look into What Lies Ahead in 2023 will be a high vibration call filled with the Love, Joy and the humor of Source.  You will be left feeling positive, excited and optimistic about the year ahead with practical steps you can implement to have 2023's Energy work with you in creating a fabulous year!


There will be a special giveaway drawing for those joining The Collective and Amy on January 11, 2023 at  8:30pm EST (New York time).   Prizes will include the January New Year Intention Attunement MMRT + February Love Booster (plus BONUS First of the New Year January MMRT Booster!) and 30 days of the amazing Crystalline Rainbow Starlight Frequencies.  You must be present  on the live call to win.


The date and time for the session have been chosen by Source (The Collective)

DATE:  January 11, 2023 
(Vibration of 1-11-2023 is ONE five times - 5 powerful pillars of support  and strength for your 2023!)

TIME:  8:30pm EST (New York time) (UTC -5)
(Vibration of the Time is ELEVEN - TWO more ONES! Two More pillars of support!)


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