The Collective Share What Lies Ahead in 2024 - The Year of the Unexpected!


It's that exciting time of the year again when The Collective look ahead into in the year to see  "What Lies Ahead in the New Year"!  They have named 2024 "The Year of the Unexpected" -  what does this mean and what will the year bring to you and your life? 

You will find out in this special channeled talk from The Collective where they reveal what The Year of the Unexpected will look like and bring with it.  They dive deeply into the Energy flows of the Year and how you can tap into this year's potent 8 vibrational Energy to maximize your results in 2024. 

What exciting and interesting things will happen in the coming months as we move through this new Year of the Unexpected?  What can you expect?  What will you design with this powerful year?

All is revealed by The Collective (Source) in this high energy, fun talk with The Collective!

In this high vibration and high Frequency talk The Collective shared how to optimize and tap into the Energy patterns of 2024 to support your own powerful creating. You will learn how "the unexpected" can serve and support you this year. 

As you listen, you are immersed in the delicious and uplifting Crystalline Rainbow Starlight Frequencies and the Love and Joy of Source throughout the entire talk. You will also be taken on a delicious and powerful meditative journey deep into the Energy of 2024 to experience the Energy of this exciting year!

You will be left feeling excited and optimistic about the year ahead with practical steps you can implement to have 2024's unexpected twists and turns work with you in creating a fabulous year!


WHAT:  The Collective's live talk to look at What Lies Ahead in 2024, the Year of the Unexpected

WHEN: NOW! Right now!

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The Collective Reveal What Lies Ahead in 2024!

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