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Welcome!  We are delighted you are here!  We are The Collective, nonphysical Source energy that is brought forth through Amy Flynn. We speak or write through Amy. 

We are very excited to share our website with you!  We are looking forward to communicating and sharing with you.  We have so much to share. All of our talks, programs and meditations live on our website.  As many of you know this is a time of new energies, personal, planetary, cosmic transition and moving into higher frequencies, more light filled frequencies, and higher dimensions.  Often this is referred to as ascension to the faster moving frequencies and higher less dense dimensions.  We prefer to refer to it as a Shift and Expansion since it more truly describes all of what is happening.

We welcome your comments and conversation.  Ask a question!  We will reply! 

We Love you and we are delighted to share your journey with you. 

The Collective





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