The Collective Share "What Lies Ahead in 2022 - The Great Awakening



Welcome to the year 2022!   This is a very exciting year and The  Collective have plenty to say about it in a special super high frequency and vibration talk!  

In their special talk on January14, 2022 The Collective shared all about this amazing and exciting year of 2022!  They said that this is the year many have been waiting for, it's the year of Great Awakening!  In fact this is only the second time The Collective have not included "The Year of" in their name  for the year.  They say the energy of this year is too big for that!  

The energy of this Great Awakening flows counter to the energy being emphasized in the world, aka "the Great Fear".   The Collective explain that humanity tends too often to need trauma and drama to spark an awakening.

What will this Great Awakening look like?  Feel like?  How will it affect you and your life?  The world?  What does it mean for you?  What is your role in the Great Awakening and how can you fulfill it?  What is possible for you in every moment in 2022 within this energy of Awakening?  How can you optimize the energy of 2022 to create the best year ever for yourself?

The Collective share about it all  in their talk which is filled with their boundless joy and often confounding Source humor.

The 2022 Logo is a powerful energetic logo which emanates powerful energy to infuse you with the Energy of creation and awakening.  You'll find out how to use it when you receive the recording.

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  The Collective share about the exciting Year

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