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Amy Flynn

@Pepot Apologies for the slow reply! You were NOT registered for this replay. You had not added your email into the box. I added it. Please check your inbox for the confirmation email, when you confirm you will receive the download link. Next time, you'll get a much faster response if you email me for a customer support type issue. I don't look for them in comments. You should be all set now!

Amy Flynn

@John, I checked the database. You registered on the 12th, received the link on the 12tth and unsubscribed on the 13th. I am assuming you received the download link.


Wow, I don't know, there must be some energy stopping me from listening in on the gathering ! Still no links madame! Thanks ! Am really curious though !


Hi Amy, I don't know if you are able to read this but I still can't seem to get the link to be able to listen in on the recorded call! Please allow me to access it once and for all ! I really am interested to absorb more information and tools I may be able to use ! Thank you so much !


I registered but no free mp3 on what will 2014 bring


Hi Amy, still cant seem to register and listen in on the replay! Could it be possible I'm being blocked by other energies from listening to you and the collective ? Can you please give me another link .


Hi Amy, cant seem to register and get the free MP3 ! What can I do ? Thanks !


I cant seem to register ! No links !


Am excited to join in on the free call with the Collective !

Sally Robertson

I am tied up during this time and cannot make the call. Will there be a link to listen at a later time? Thanks!

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